Eat Local, Act Global!

Eating organic is great... but if the organic lettuce comes from California, we are only doing half our job as green citizens. A shocking amount of greenhouse gases come from food transportation and conventional agriculture production.

Toronto Sprouts is an organic urban farm, committed to growing the highest quality sprouts. Our transportation is minimal, and our food production is planet positive. When you buy from us, you reduce your negative environmental impact and support local farming.

You can’t get freshness like this shipped from California.

You Are What You Eat

There is only one way to grow superior sprouts - that is to grow them organically. To be certified organic, food must be produced naturally, without the pesticides, bioengineering, synthetic fertilizers, or ionizing radiation used in conventional agriculture.

At Toronto Sprouts, our seeds, soil, water and growing processes all adhere to the strict standards set by OCPP/Pro-Cert Canada Inc, Canada’s foremost national certifier of organic food products.  We are one of about 1,400 members across Canada honouring organic culture.

“Be the change you wish to see in the world.”  -Gandhi

Heart-Healthy Anti-Oxidants

Sprouts have long been considered a health food, and recent research shows that in addition to being a superb source of nutrients, sprouts contain concentrated amounts of phytochemicals (plant compounds) that can protect us against cancer. Sprouts are simply bursting with enzymes, vitamins, and minerals! Enzymes essentially make life possible. The enzymes in sprouts are special proteins that help our body digest the nutrients in our food.

As well as being tasty, sprouts have a high level of simple sugars that make them a quick energy food, easily absorbed by the body.

Ancient Chinese scriptures over 5,000 years old refer to sprouts for healing and medicinal properties.  Scientific research is confirming that sprouts are the food of the future as well as being a food of the past.

Sprouts: the 5,000-year-old Super Food

Toronto Sprouts supplies sprouts to several of the city’s top restaurants, juice bars, and all-round healthy people. You can drink our wheatgrass at many Booster Juice and Jugo Juice locations and buy our sprouts from many produce retailers around the GTA.

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Alfalfa • Ancient Eastern Blend
Bean Mix • Broccoli 
Pea Shoots • Sunflower • WheatgrassAbout_Sprouts.html
Alfalfa • Ancient Eastern Blend • Bean Mix • Broccoli 
Pea Shoots • Sunflower • WheatgrassAbout_Sprouts.html

Marie Larsson

Director of Operations

We are now Local Food Plus Certified

LFP brings farmers and consumers together in the interest of environmentally and socially responsible food production.

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Dan Nicks


Member of Green Enterprise Toronto

Toronto’s consumer advocacy group for connecting with other local entrepreneurs to create a living economy.

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Certified Organic by OCCP/Pro-Cert Canada Inc

Canada’s foremost national certifier of organic food products with 1400 producers, processors and traders across the country.

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Real Food for Real Kids (RFRK) is a Toronto based organization whose primary goal is to improve childrens' health, eating habits and their understanding of nutrition.  RFRK caters healthy, natural and organic snacks and hot lunches to over 4,500 children in daycares, schools and camps in the Greater Toronto Area.  Their food is made with 100% natural ingredients with a strong emphasis on local and organic.   RFRK works to help children re-connect with real food and its origin, to instill life long healthy eating habits and help the children practice conscious eating.  As 'educaterers', RFRK has a sustainable approach to food education through partnerships with various organizations.  RFRK’s non-profit Real Food Education Program delivers teaching materials and training, as well as sensory workshops to members of its community.
Every day Second Harvest picks up excess fresh food and delivers it to Toronto social service agencies.  We help by sharing healthy food with this important organization.
Juice for the Cure is dedicated to raising awareness of the role nutrition plays in helping cure major illnesses such as cancer and diabetes.  Toronto Sprouts is proud to support this important cause.