Brian Clement’s world renowned Hippocrates Health Institute in West Palm Beach, Florida. 
Based on Ann Wigmore’s original research into the healing powers of wheatgrass and holistic therapy.  Hippocrates has been visited and touted by many  Toronto Sprouts customers.
Organics on Bloor
Organic and gourmet health food store located near Toronto Sprouts at 468 Bloor St, just East of Bathurst.  If you are stopping by here for sprouts, you can make a short trip to Organics on Bloor for the rest of your groceries.
Erika Wolff
Erika Wolff is a certified Hippocrates Health Educator, with additional training in the Nutritional Symptomatology and Nutritional Counseling, Detoxification and Fasting, Nutritional Kinesiology and Macrobiotics.  She has also trained as a Focusing Coach.
More info about Erika and her retreats, classes and consultations is available at http://www.powerofraw.comhttp://www.powerofraw.comshapeimage_6_link_0
Rawket Science Blog
This blog is run by Robin, who used to work here at Toronto Sprouts.  She has lots of info on the raw food lifestyle and posts great pics of events held here...
Fred’s Chocolates
Nourish your spirit with a magic potion of chocolate alchemy.  Eat Food not Candy.
Local Food Plus (LFP) is an award winning non-profit organization that brings farmers and consumers to the table to share in the benefits of environmentally and socially responsible food production. We are committed to building and fostering local sustainable food systems by certifying farmers and processors and linking them with local purchasers.
OCCP/Pro-Cert Canada Inc is Canada’s foremost national certifier of organic food products with 1400 producers, processors and traders across the country.
Eco Flora is a Toronto based online florist offering exclusively ecologically grown flowers with a contemporary design style. We offer our services year round to our clients in the Toronto area. We use wildcrafted, certified organic, organic and fair trade flowers without the additional floral chemicals.
Raw Food Chef Cherie Soria’s website is a great resource for anyone on a raw foodist lifestyle.  You can also look up the next time she or any of her chefs will be in Toronto...
Toronto’s consumer advocacy group for connecting with other local entrepreneurs to create a living economy.
Our own Marie Larsson now sits on the Board of Directors for the Swedish Chamber of Commerce in Canada
Home of IKEA, Saab, SKF, TetraPak and Volvo.  Of course Toronto Sprouts is also a member.
The webpage of many-time Toronto Sprouts guest Dorit Dyke.  Deep within each of us, is a well of profound peace, joy and beauty which, when accessed, manifest as vibrant, robust health, works of genius and artistry. To assist in reaching this magical, inner world and tap into the realm of all possibilities, is the purpose of this website.
Health Conscious Catering for kids of all ages.  We are proud of the amazing job this group does helping kids be healthier.
Every day Second Harvest picks up excess fresh food and delivers it to Toronto social service agencies.  We are proud to share healthy food with this important organization.
Along with various smoothies and fresh juices, there are many Booster Juice locations across Toronto that serve shots of our healthy organic wheatgrass.  Drop in and try it...
Another healthy juice bar (provided you pick the right drink) that serves wheatgrass.  We are especially fans of the Union Station Jugo Juice location since they get their wheatgrass from us.
Matt Monarch’s Blog
Author of Raw Spirit & Raw Success, and a Raw Food Educator. I travel the United States lecturing on the raw food diet. Over the past year I spent much of my time touring the country, presenting well over 200 Raw Food Lectures. As 6-year owner of The Raw Food World and Living Nutritionals, I am well versed in people's needs and concerns about health.
Spirit of the Earth, The Living Centre & Living Arts Institute, is an ecological, eco-spiritual education and healing sanctuary located in London, ON.  Recognized by the Ministry of Education as an Educational Institute in Canada.
The Cutting Veg
Rooted in Organic farming, The Cutting Veg runs a variety of programs aimed at cultivating personal, social, environmental, and economic health. In addition to growing and distributing Organic Produce, they also run the Global Garlic Project, growing over a dozen varieties of garlic from around the world.  TCV is located in Brampton, Ontario.