Take a sprouting class and learn to sprout for yourself...

We have a new and exciting class space in downtown Toronto at the Centre for Social Innovation. The CSI is a dynamic space whose mission is to spark and support new ideas that are tackling the social, environmental, economic and cultural challenges we face today. We feel like that aligns with our ideas at Toronto Sprouts, so we got some space there. (It doesn’t hurt that the space itself is lovely).

Okay back to the class: we will go over all the tips, tricks and techniques to get you sprouting at home in no time. This includes the earthgrown sprouts (sunflower, wheatgrass, pea shoots, etc) and hydroponics (bean mix, alfalfa, broccoli, etc).

This class promotes healthy, raw, vegan, local, certified organic food. It saves money too, by people learning how to grow their own sprouts year round at home.

Next Classes:

March 24, Wed, 7pm - 9pm Think Tank Room

April 19, Monday, 7pm - 9pm

Call Marie at 416.535.3111 or

email marie@torontosprouts.com

Pre-registration and payment is required as there is limited space. Classes are $40 each. Call to inquire about group rates.

Sign up and pay online!

Centre for Social Innovation

4th floor, Double Connector Boardroom

215 Spadina Ave, Toronto ON